Are you desperate for like-hearts in your experience of faith, motherhood and mental health? We were too. It’s why we exist.

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Who we are.

We are a faith-based community for Mom. And we were birthed because sometimes mothers needs aren’t always seen or met by the Church.

We seek to fill that gap.

Simply put, Moms for Mental Health is ours and it is yours. It is a ministry for mothers on a personal or familial journey with maternal-child mental health mental and well-being. And we exist for women in wilderness places and spaces to seek Jesus, together.

What we do.

We unite over real, raw life.

Moms for Mental Health Mom Pods meet once monthly online or in person. In addition, we publish content in the form of Hope Notes – newsletters packed with courageous stories, compassion, perspective, resources, and more.

When we meet.

Do ever feel like your identity is just mom? Our fall More Than Mom series has launched and we can’t wait to pour into who you really are! You are INVITED to join MFMH virtual & in person Mom Pod’s (our version of a Bible study) for Christ-centered teachings, testimonials, and a little bit of play to encourage & inspire you in your experience of real, raw motherhood.

Will you join us?

More questions? You can email us here.

Stay in touch.

Our MFMH writing team produces twice monthly newsletters to affirm and include women like you in wildness and wilderness at the table of life.